With engineering, advise and supervision we support you wherever needed, from plan to completion. Advice for upgrading you're existing belt conveyor and bucket elevators or how to build new  ones.

 Also after completion we service you with a long-term plan for maintenance. To make sure continuity is maintained. We not only unburden you, we often ensure there is a capacity increase or a cost reduction per tonne of processed product too.

Understandably, you expect a competent installation of you're purchased components. When your company has an own technical service department we can offer on-site supervision to support and guide your employees during the fitting process, to ensure and secure a proper installation.

We gladly advice you on your technical issue and perform capacity calculations and recommendations about upgrading existing elevators or the build of new ones.

Advice and recommendations can also be given about you're existing belt conveyors or other bulk transport issues. These are just a few  options in our range of possibilities.


Our product range of conveyors and components includes a wide variety of reliable components that contribute to the safety, cleanliness and life span of your conveyor.

PME offers conveyor belts in several qualities, as well as belt scrapers, impact beds and frames, complete idler sets, bottom rollers, canopies, drive and idler pulleys and drum coatings.

Our specialists have extensive knowledge and field experience and are involved at an early stage to provide the right solution for you issue. Not only do we supply the best components, by carefully observing each situation, we also secure the mechanical side of your installation.