Dustless Blasting vs. Sandblasting

Dustless blasting is the fastest, most cost effective surface preparation there is.

Dustless blasting can remove virtually any type of coating from any material very quickly and without damaging the surface. Dust is eliminated by introducing water into the process and when used on steel, a powerful rust inhibitor is incorporated to prevent flash rust leaving the surface clean with no residue to worry about.

Dustless blasting uses less material than traditional sandblasting and can be used on almost any surface such as wood, brick, concrete, fibreglass, aluminium and heavily rusted steel.

Using the same material, we can restore a log cabin back to its original beauty or remove tough paint and rust from heavy equipment.

The simplicity of the machine allows us to be totally mobile to better serve our customers.

Dustless blasting has truly revolutionized the surface preparation and restoration business!

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